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Fishing down

Today is the fourth day, May Day is May 4th youth day。 In this sunny spring morning, my father and I had to leave the arms of the bed, ready to go, to go fishing!

Get lost

Dad colleague"s car, I was an eye-opener, fishing pole, float, hook, lures and line and so on。 Sitting on the driver"s uncle told me, this is rod, variegated carp fishing to use it; This is a hand fishing rod, grass carp, crucian carp at; This is hang lever…… Like an expert。

But not out of the question to the fish pond, in luojing areas, there are many dead end highway, road building roads here, the original is the way to go。 Wind, still can"t find the fish ponds。 The high tension line just want to make a phone call to the fish pond owners, roadside helped, in under the guidance of it, we finally found the fish ponds。

Open fishing

Arrayed in fish ponds, everyone and their preparation。 I looked up, and there have been six or seven fishermen lined on the edge of the pond, some people has reaped several fish。 I thought: last time fishing unexpectedly didn"t catch a thing, this time I must be the breakthrough of "zero"。

Is can"t wait, dad has been holding open fishing rod。 I ran over and picked up the other pole, good heavy! So we have to change a shorter lever。 Mount the bait, prettily like the model I put in the water。 Heart, weaves the fish fish come quickly, my most sweet bait……

Ten minutes later……

How have no action? I took up the pole and bait didn"t, I said angrily: "I hate fish, slowly ate all my bait。" Dad laughed, said: "little fool, this kind of bait melts away and in a moment which come what fish? I would have changed several times bait。" I listened to an Epiphany, and added some bait。 Can be worse this time, the hook just touching the water became "bare branches", so we have to add the bait。

Weapon upgrades

Through the efforts of the two hours, I finally caught 0 fish。 Watch others like alive teeming with fish in the net, my in the mind very not taste。 Was thinking about to give up, my father saw me, said: "how could you not fish in the net?" borrow "to give you a first。" "Don"t, I want to catch!" Father here, all of a sudden, he said, give me a bag of soil then give you some good things。 A bag of soil is a good thing? I"m holding the curious psychological flipped through with the hand, ah, is the earthworm。 Ha ha, my weapon is stronger than you, afraid to beat you? I immediately confidence again one hundred times, and continue to fishing。


At noon, the power of the sun appeared。 Everyone was so hot and thirsty, all hungry。 "Dinner" voice became the "lifeline"。 After lunch, dad and uncles drink chat there, I was secretly to fish ponds, picked up the fishing pole in continue fishing under the tree。 Red float and scales scales are extremely bright water, let a person hard to open my eyes。 At that moment, float is missing。 I hurriedly pull rod, take the bait。 This is not a fish, and I almost don"t touch it。 For a moment, I have no energy, had to helplessly looking at pole in bit by bit slipping。

Ok at this critical moment, an uncle came。 He saw me startled, immediately ran over to pull rod。 I"ll let go fishing pole picked up the net。 See the fish swimming eastwards desperately, rod bent badly。 Uncle a heavy lift, the fish jump out of the water。 Uncle said: "this is a grass carp, also known as herring, later to catch the fish and it DORA for a while, let it drink a few saliva, back again from the head with a net, fishing, the fish will toward inside drill。"

Fish pulled up near the shore, I stretch mesh bags to go fishing, fish desperately fled, saw a net to 10 metres away again in a twinkling of an eye。 Uncle just want zola, fish and to the right。 More curved rod, I"m worried it will break。 A hard, fish into the water again。 Uncle pull up again, fish are swallowed a mouthful of water。 The seesaw battle is continuing, fish choked several times, finally pulled again。 I"m leaning a scoop, fish came up!

Fish up does not mean "mermaid" battle ended。 Fish also jumped down there, hook stuck in well inside out not to come out。 How to do? Uncle had experienced, covered with a cloth fisheye, immediately quiet a lot of fish。 But the hook in the fish"s mouth。 Uncle"s fingers is very thick, not in; Although my finger is fine, but won"t hook。 We had when uncle suddenly eyes a bright -- a net on a hook is back! He took back the hook, three times five divided by two is OK。

To mount the earthworm, throw the bait far away, the heart is happy, my uncle suddenly say: "young man, quick pull!" The young man? ! , my heart suddenly didn"t understand。 Ah! Indeed as expected have a carp bait。 I was too careless。 With a vengeance, a tingle in my heart, ah! The fish run; The hooks are straight。 At this time, the voice of my side have fish to beat。 Strange, I twist a head a see, ha! Very difficult moves "。 Originally I push too hard, the fish hook straight, take off the fish hook is flew to the shore。 My uncle and I suddenly laughed。

The fish outbreak

They ended the chit chat to continue fishing in the afternoon, dad。 It"s really weird, dad caught in a row 6 grass carp; An uncle caught six variegated carp in a row; Another uncle caught six crucian carp in a row, and I didn"t catch a one。 We counted the twinkling of an eye should go。 Article 4 people caught 11 bighead, 11 grass carp, 16 crucian carp, 1 the snakehead。 The heaviest a 9 pounds in weight。 Although I only caught two fish, but I like this place。

In the noise of the car, I reluctantly left the place full of joy。

The end of the

Fishing that test our patience, and let people get success of happiness and a sense of pride。 After I have the chance, will catch more fish。

























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